Transforming Data to Insight

Digital Twins for Anyone, Anywhere.

The fastest path from siloed data to contextual insights

By uniquely combining the contextual power of social networks with the science of digital twins, we enable you to rapidly transform data into actionable insight and:

  • Make better, more informed decisions
  • Create new sources of value
  • Improve productivity and return on investment
  • Engage more stakeholders with data based storytelling

What is a digital twin?

Find out exactly what our simulation technology can do for you…

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Why you should go with Slingshot for your simulation needs:


Not everyone is, or can afford to have, experts in data or simulation – some of us find a computer hard enough! We’ve designed our platform to not only be code-free, but simple enough that it can be adopted company-wide.


Get decisions and results on the table quicker without compromising on quality or scale. Simply set the digital twin simulating, make a coffee, and you’re ready to present it in 15 minutes time!


With the world on the verge of a post-pandemic financial crisis, many of us can’t afford to be splashing out on anything other than keeping the lights on let alone new tech. Our technology is affordable for you. 

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Projects and Collaboration




£0 / user / month

  • Up to 3 community projects
  • Invite unlimited collaborators
  • Projects accessible by all community members
  • Projects stored in the community accessible repository
  • Upload open data (with license)
  • Access all uploaded open community data
  • Basic charting
  • Online support


££ / user / month

  • Up to 3 community projects
  • Invite unlimited collaborators
  • Projects accessible only to invited collaborators
  • 10GB private storage for proprietary data and projects
  • All Community Features
  • Upload proprietary data
  • Display up to 10 data layers
  • Basic charting and statistics
  • Office hours Q&A with an expert


££ / user / month

  • Up to 5 community projects
  • Invite unlimited collaborators
  • Projects accessible only to invited collaborators
  • 20GB private storage for proprietary data and projects
  • All Standard Features
  • Display up to 20 data layers
  • Basic charting, statistics & automated workflows
  • Office hours Q&A with an expert

Contact us about our business and enterprise solutions

Business Pack

  • Account administration
  • Team Management
  • Shared Storage
  • Data residency

Enterprise Pack

  • Business Pack
  • Customized interfaces
  • White labelling
  • Advanced security
  • Named support

Slingshot Simulations: Over a Century of Experience

Use cutting edge data science

Use cutting-edge technology

Enabling anyone to access cutting edge data science to tackle the biggest challenges facing all humanity.

Thought leader in industry

Defining the future of the industry as a leader in the Digital Twin Consortium and the Centre for Digital Built Britain.

The best choice for you

Fastest, most accessible gateway to the digital twin.

Scalable solutions

Our free community portal is used to enterprise wide deployments, mitigate the cost barrier to entry.

Access community data and introduce your own

Data agnostic

Cybersecure and zero-trust data standards approach.

Third party integration

We work with almost any kind of data to ensure you can readily integrate with a heterogenous digital ecosystem.

The power of context

Transform numbers into something tangible, meaningful and contextual, with a rapid uploader and a library of datasets at your fingertips.


From data to insight

Low cost, intuitive automated workflows that scale from the individual to the enterprise.

Available and usable by anyone, anywhere and anytime, to leverage the power of data science with our without the expertise.

Choose what and how you want to see your data to the needs of you and your company.

Contextual storytelling

Insights in minutes not months

Secure stakeholder buy-in, make smarter decisions and demonstrate ROI.

Turn the disparate to the decisive

With our vast quantities of data and easy-to-make charts you can do in-depth analysis and make instantly actionable insights.

Holistic oversight for everyone

Share your findings with all stakeholders to allow for better engagement, valuable understanding and a streamlined working approach.

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