About Us

Slingshot Simulations was founded in 2019 with a mission to deliver actionable insights from cutting-edge data science

Our technology allows us to positively impact the biggest challenges faced today: climate change; sustainability; resource management, public health, and more.  

We are a thought leader and industry pioneer, participating in global and national organizations such as the Digital Twin Consortium and Centre for Digital Built Britain.  

Built on a foundation of more than a decade of research and a century of combined data science expertise we do this using our Software-as-a-Service digital twin platform that enables our customers to rapidly integrate and visualize vast data sets in a spatial context, analyse these data holistically and simulate scenarios to predict outcomes.

This enables better, more informed decision-making, higher levels of stakeholder engagement, and improved outcomes for all.   

With unique IP, being intuitive and easy to use with high levels of automation combined with a low cost of entry, our “no-code” approach breaks down the barriers to adoption and helps companies accelerate their digital transformation and deliver transformative growth.   

Reflective of our corporate values, our highly diverse team brings together a wide range of backgrounds and domain expertise that enables us to accelerate innovation and deliver a unique perspective on the solutions we develop and how they help overcome the challenges our customers face. Find out more about us all here! 

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