We headed to Manchester to take part in the regional heats for KPMG’s Best British Tech Pioneer (BBTP) Competition

Nexus Companies (L-R): Scaled Insights, KPMG, Slingshot Simulations, VET-AI and KPMG

We travelled to Manchester with other companies from the Leeds Nexus Innovation hub to battle it out in KMPG’s Best British Tech Pioneer (BBTP) Competition against 13 other regional companies.

Since its launch in 2013, KPMG’s BBTP Competition launches, and celebrates, tech companies of tomorrow. Winners participate in Mobile World Congress (MWC) and Four Years from Now (4YFN). Nexus-housed companies Scaled Insights, VET-AI, KPMG Enterprise representatives, and of course Slingshot were among the elite to be selected to participate in the Manchester Regional heat on 16th January.

Getting to the regional heats was a huge accomplishment for Slingshot when we’re only 5 months old. It was a great to navigate this competition with the camaraderie of other Nexus companies, achieving the goal of collaboration that Nexus strives for.

Dr David McKee, Slingshot CTO

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