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How the Slingshot platform can help you


Unlock the power of context. Make a digital twin at an unrivalled scale to reveal a living, data saturated virtual environment that isn’t siloed and works with you and your software to produce better informed and real-time decisions.


A virtual testbed that reduces the consequences of trial and error. From snap-finger scenario modelling to business-enhancing multi-objective optimisation, Slingshot Simulations becomes your yellow brick road towards lowering costs, mitigating risk and telling stories again and again.


Let’s face it: Time is money and we need to act quickly and efficiently to stay on top. By having real-time insights delivered to an intuitive dashboard in minutes not months, your actions and decisions won’t go out of date saving you time, money and effort.

What is a Digital Twin?

Why you should go with Slingshot for your simulation needs:


Not everyone is, or can afford to have, an army of experts in data or simulation – some of us find a computer hard enough! With that in mind, we’ve designed our platform to not only be code-free, but simple enough that it can be adopted company-wide.


Get decisions and results on the table quicker without compromising on quality or scale. Simply set the digital twin simulating, make a coffee, and you’re ready to present it in 15 minutes time!


With the world on the verge of a post-pandemic financial crisis, many of us can’t afford to be splashing out on anything other than keeping the lights on let alone new tech. We firmly believe that cost should not be a barrier to entry so we will work with you to ensure you can afford it.

I’ve been very impressed to see the team develop the slingshot platform from some research ideas 7 years ago into a product with real potential to disrupt the simulation market by linking multiple simulations in an efficient way.

– David Battersby, Senior Manager in Software Architecture at Jaguar Land Rover

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