Meet Our Amazing Team

The Slingshot team brings together the most interesting bunch of people you’ll ever meet to deliver on the promise of digital twins…


Dr David McKee

CEO, CTO & Founder

When not coding or coming up with new features for Slingshot, David loves being in the garden building something, alternatively watching a sci-fi film or TV series. He’s obsessed with coffee and loves reading anything he can get hold of and collecting vintage books.


Alan English

Executive Chairman

Alan has three decades of international board experience in tech industries.  Globally experienced in driving new market entry for start-ups and scale-ups, including living and working in the UK, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, and 25 years in the USA including Silicon Valley.

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Robert Harwood

Chief Operating Officer

Rob has spent over 25 years in the high tech software and modelling and simulation industry, with leadership roles spanning technical, business development, marketing and corporate strategy responsibilities. He has global operational experience and lived in the US for more than 15 years before joining Slingshot.

Helen Gilder

Chief Financial Officer

When she’s not hard at work, Helen loves spending time at the gym, cycling and spending time with her family and 2 gerbils.


Joe Leach

Head of Render and Simulation

In his role within Slingshot, Joe manages the project development and simulation data structures. During spare time, films are a great passion of Joe’s. His favourite directors and films being: Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction), Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull), and Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Lock Stock).


Pete Mills

Business Development Director

When not working Pete enjoys spending time with his family which includes a very spoilt spaniel and three Norwegian forest cats! He is also a conservation circle member of the Rainforest Trust where he can contribute to supporting the work of amazing people preserving rainforests around the world. 

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Dr Richard Kavanagh

Head of Cloud and Data Development

Richard’s role involves the deployment of Slingshot’s platform to the Cloud. Outside of work Richard enjoys running, including a weekly parkrun, and Japanese martial art: Aikido.


Sophie McKee

Creative Director

Sophie loves to go walking, loom knit and read and is currently aiming to read 1 book a month. She is also an animation fan and loves watching cartoons and playing computer games.


Alex Trout

Web Developer

Alex’s position at Slingshot allows him to pair his environmental science background with software development, working with a focus on geospatial tech. In his spare time Alex is either coding in a coffee shop, at the gym, or planning to be in another country. He also enjoys films, reading, and playing music.

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Anna Goldson

3D & XR Designer

Anna is a VR enthusiast who channels her creative background studying art and design to develop immersive experiences. She founded Leeds Extended Reality Society during her time as a student and now enjoys collecting movie merch, running and watching thrillers.

Eva Karagiannakou

QA & Security Engineer

In her spare time, Eva enjoys watching movies, listening to music and reading books as well as hiking and trying exceptional food. She also has a passion for driving whether it be in crowded cities or a longer roadtrip.


Fatima Riake

Software Engineer

Within Slingshot, Fatima works across the different stages of development. In her spare time, Fatima loves bike riding, exploring new avenues and rollerskating!


Jamie Linskell

Software Engineer

When he’s not working Jamie loves listening to and playing music, learning languages and travelling as well as playing computer games.


Imogen Hetherington

Web Developer

When Imogen is not coding, she enjoys cooking, bouldering, and playing the slightly unusual sport of underwater hockey!


Megan Johnson

Digital Marketing Lead

Megan uses her journalistic background to promote Slingshot digitally, and harnesses her writing skills within specialised articles on our site. In her spare time, Megan is a frequent attendee of music gigs around Leeds and a self-certified plant mum, with several semi-thriving houseplants cluttering up her flat. 

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Amy Dell

Chief of Staff

I am here to oversee, manage and assist the team where I can. My goal is to make the workplace a motivated, fun and pleasant place to be. I am originally from Leeds, and I have lived here for my whole life, I have however, been lucky enough to have had the luxury of working abroad in Greece for some years during the summer seasons. In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with friends, travelling, reading, cooking and delving into a good movie or series. My favourite things in life are wine, pizza, friends, family & my gorgeous chocolate Labrador Charlie.
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