Posted Jul, 01, 2020

Digital Twins for Beginners

Initially I wanted to say a Digital Twin is a digital version of anything I can see around me, but […]
Posted Jun, 17, 2020

Data Insights, Digital Twins and Dashboarding

Over the last decade, what would you say have been the technological highlights for change and innovation? Computing power and […]
Posted Jun, 16, 2020

Our 100 Days in Lock down: CEO Reflects

On March 17th Slingshot Simulations went into lock down with the rest of the UK. 100 days on, CEO/CTO David […]
Posted Jun, 10, 2020

End of Open Plan Offices? Smart Solutions for a Safer Office

With a rapid company growth, what was the most interesting thing of the last five years that you saw within […]
Posted Jun, 09, 2020

Slingshot Simulations Win Government Funding for COVID-19 Project

Slingshot’s Breathing Cities: A Living Model for People and Place project has received government funding as part of Innovate UK’s […]
Posted Jun, 03, 2020

Investing in Digital Twins: A Living Model for Storytelling and Play

To set the scene, what is your personal perspective on the current landscape of Digital Twins, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), […]
Posted May, 29, 2020

Slingshot Simulations joins International Digital Twins Consortium

As of May 2020, Slingshot Simulations joins the Digital Twin Consortium as one of first UK members. This is in […]
Posted May, 27, 2020

The Role of Simulation in Decision Making

The 3 Types of Simulation A simulation is an […] imitation of the operation of a process or system;[1] that […]
Posted May, 21, 2020

Digital Twins & Decision-Making: Urban Regeneration

To start with, can you explain what you mean by Economic Development and Regeneration? For me, it’s about making places […]
Posted May, 13, 2020

Digital Twins & Decision-Making: Leeds City Council waves the flag for better Data Access

To start, what would your definition of a Digital Twin be? “I think of a digital twin as a digital […]