Posted May, 06, 2020

Agent-based Modelling for Digital Twins

What is Agent-Based Modelling? Agent-based Modelling (ABM) models the behaviour of things that move or groups of elements that move […]
Posted Apr, 29, 2020

Personal Digital Twins: Microscopic Simulation at the Individual Level

What is your perspective on Digital Twins? Co-Dependent Species In my mind a Digital City consumes the data from the […]
Posted Apr, 22, 2020

Humancentric Digital Twins

To start, what do you mean by Digital Twins? In order to make good evaluations of any prototype in virtual […]
Posted Apr, 21, 2020

We’re Donating Server Time to COVID-19

Slingshot simulations has started donating its compute power to Rosetta@Home to help in the fight against COVID-19 and is now […]
Posted Apr, 17, 2020

Slingshot Spotlight: Our new Team members

Alex joined Slingshot after completing the Northcoders Leeds software development course, before making the switch to development. He graduated with a […]
Posted Apr, 15, 2020

What are Digital Twins?

What are Digital Twins today? A Review of the Digital Twins landscape: Tools, Tech and Concepts In this post we […]
Posted Apr, 02, 2020

3 Minutes with our Intern: Working at Slingshot Simulations

Does Quantum Optics and Simulation go together? Jake Southall is a 3rd year PhD student, specialising in quantum optics and […]
Posted Mar, 27, 2020

Intern tells all: Working at Slingshot Simulations

Want to know what it’s like working with us? Two interns have just finished their 3 month stint at Slingshot […]
Posted Mar, 17, 2020

COVID-19: A message to you from us

Are we still open for business? Yes! But in light of the government announcement on 16th March, we have fully […]