A Specialisation of the Internet of Things with Simulation and Workflow as a Service (SIM/WFaaS)

A trend seen in many industries is the increasing reliance on modelling and simulation to facilitate design, decision making and training. Previously, these models would operate in isolation but now there is a growing need to integrate and connect simulations together for co-simulation. In addition, the 21st century has seen the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) enabling the interconnectivity of smart devices across the Internet. In this paper we propose that an important, and often overlooked, domain of IoT is that of modelling and simulation. Expanding IoT to encompass interconnected simulations enables the potential for an Internet of Simulation whereby models and simulations are exposed to the wider internet and can be accessed on an “as-a-service” basis. The proposed IoS would need to manage simulation across heterogeneous infrastructures, temporal and causal aspects of simulations, as well as variations in data structures. Via the proposed Simulation as a Service (SIMaaS) and Workflow as a Service (WFaaS) constructs in IoS, highly complex simulation integration could be performed automatically, resulting in high fidelity system level simulations. Additionally, the potential for faster than real-time simulation afforded by IoS opens the possibility of connecting IoS to existing IoT infrastructure via a real-time bridge to facilitate decision making based on live data.

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