This week we welcomed 2 new Web Developers to the Slingshot Family!

Fresh from Northcoders Software Development Coding Bootcamp Meet Alex and Imogen

Alex joined Slingshot after completing the Northcoders Leeds software development course, before making the switch to development. He graduated with a BSc in Environmental Science from Manchester Metropolitan University.

In his spare time Alex is either still coding in a coffee shop, at the gym, or planning to be in another country. He also enjoys films, reading, and playing music.

Imogen has spent the last few years working in marketing and data analytics, before deciding to wave goodbye to spreadsheets and embark on a career in development. She arrived at Slingshot after graduating Northcoders coding bootcamp here in Leeds.

When she’s not coding, Imogen enjoys cooking, bouldering, and playing the slightly unusual sport of underwater hockey!

Welcome to Slingshot Alex and Imogen!

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